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We specialize in all forms of debt defense strategies related to credit card debt, private student loan debt and medical debt.

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Avoid Debt Lawsuits & Settlement Scams

The stress and anxiety of falling into debt can overwhelm a person’s life both financially and emotionally. The deeper the debt, the deeper the depression which makes logical or rational thought more impulsive and often desperate. Consumer debt was approaching $14 trillion after the second quarter of 2019, according to the New York Federal Reserve. As Americans try to scratch and claw their way out of debt, many often seek help [...]

August 7th, 2020|debt dismissal, debt lawsuit|

Credit Card Debt Decreases During COVID-19 Shutdown, But Other Debts Skyrocket

What does debt look like during the time of a global pandemic? Everyday, the world looks to find silver linings in the global pandemic known as Coronavirius or COVID-19. While the world has been in lockdown for most of 2020 with no foreseeable end in sight until a vaccine can be adequately tested and put to good use, the economy continues to stumble and crumble. The GDP dropped 35.2% in [...]

July 21st, 2020|Uncategorized|

7 Ways to Fight Debt Lawsuits From High Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is one of the most burdensome kinds of debt that Americans face. The avalanche of debt can undermine wages and throw a family into an abyss of upside down payments that make it feel like you’re on a debt treadmill that keeps going and growing faster and faster. Consumer debt approached $14 trillion after the second quarter of 2019, according to the New York Federal Reserve which [...]

July 8th, 2020|Uncategorized|

Debt Lawsuits After Marriage Can Make Divorce More Bitter

You’ve met the person of your dreams who has it all: charm, class, humor and a way of making you feel like you’re the only person on the planet. Falling in love is always a blissfully, sometimes blindly wonderful roller coaster ride. Then comes the proposition of marriage. Before or even after you say “yes,” there must be a serious conversation about things that courting couples would never broach. [...]

June 23rd, 2020|Uncategorized|

Fighting a Student Loan Debt Lawsuit

For many American students, the journey of finding the right higher educational institution, getting accepted, earning a degree and graduating are only the beginning of life’s long journey. All too often, the money borrowed to pay for that journey can become a financial albatross that hangs around a graduate’s neck for a significant part of their life. Settling a student loan debt amidst hard economic times can be a real [...]

Getting Legal Help To Fight a Debt Lawsuit

Last year, more than 77 million Americans had debt payments that were put into collections according to the Urban Institute. While this staggering number of people struggled to pay down their debt, many were bombarded by aggressive debt collectors who often illegally harassed consumers in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Hiring a consumer advocacy law firm that promotes an ongoing commitment to fight for consumer rights against illegal debt-collector [...]

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